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Member Spotlight: Maine Center for Economic Policy

Member Spotlight: Maine Center for Economic Policy

Late summer and early fall have been a busy season for MaineShare members related to gatherings and events! I have been lucky enough to attend a handful of these, and they always provide me with knowledge, inspiration, and a renewed gratitude and appreciation for the work our members do, and the ways that MaineShare supports them.

One event that inspired me was that from the Maine Center for Economic Policy.  They held a talk that featured Chris Smalls, the founder of the Amazon Labor Union.  At this event, we heard from speaker Chris Smalls, the facilitator Taifa Smith Butler, president of Demos, and others in community who have had experience in labor organizing.  This event helped cement for me the power of organizing, as well as the connection between worker power and democracy.  The rights of the working class in America are key to the foundation of our democracy, and we will not see positive social change without a greater investment in worker rights. Advocacy is not a one-time practice– it is a long game, which requires conviction and commitment.  

I was so pleased that MECEP held this event and to learn more about how their focus on workers rights is a key to advancing economic justice in Maine. MECEP does policy research on economic issues in the state, and is a key part of coalitions to better the financial stability for all in the state. For example, they were part of the coalition who were instrumental in the successful policy initiative for Paid Family and Medical Leave in Maine. They also advocate for other policies that support economic justice such as increased minimum wage, rights of those with student loans, tax credits for families and the working class.  MECEP is a key advocate for a better Maine for us all, often behind the scenes, and I encourage all to learn more about the impact of this organization!

Image courtesy of Maine Center for Economic Policy