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Last month, I had the pleasure of bringing my mom to a farm tour at Goronson Farm, sponsored by Maine Farmland Trust.  Maine Farmland Trust (MFT) is a member-powered nonprofit land trust that is working to grow the future of farming so that farmers and our communities can thrive.  MFT holds relationships with 550 Maine farms, and this number continues to grow. Goronson Farm became involved with MFT by participating in a Business of Farming workshop. MFT offers programs to help farms thrive, advocates for local, state, and federal policies and research to support farmers and farms, and provides opportunities for the greater public to learn about the farms that feed our communities and support our local economies.

Goronson Farm is a unique, small farm set in a suburban area of Scarborough, ME that grows flowers, produce, herbs, and raises livestock.  They are a no-cull farm and grow unique and historically important fruit.  For example, they are growing etrogs, a citron fruit that is used in traditional Jewish celebration.  They also practice climate resilient farming, and help to educate other farmers on these practices and benefits.  During our visit, we met their free-range crested ducks, heritage chickens, saw their orchards and flower gardens, and tasted ice cream and wine made with fruit grown on the farm.  It was a wonderful experience to visit this special farm, and I left with deeper gratitude for the role of farms in Maine and the work MFT does to support our invaluable farmers.

By protecting farmland and supporting farmers, MFT helps to grow a network of local farms that can supply our state with reliable, accessible and fresh local food and products. If you want to engage with farms in your area and see all the ways that our farms provide vibrancy to our communities, check out the MFT Summer Farms Activity Map!  And learn more about all their work at