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Are you someone who approaches the end of the year with a sense of reflection on the months prior, or eyes forward with hopes for the days ahead?  I find myself falling somewhere in the middle, while also trying to revel in every moment of the present day.   A best friend of mine often reminds me, “Keep your head where your feet are,” a useful mantra for the times where either dismay over the past or worry for the future distract me from the joy and beauty in the here and now.  I think this time of year, we can often feel pulled by the past as well as the future.  As long as we remain grounded, it can be a beautiful thing to reflect on how far we have come, our resolve and resilience, and feel the emotions arising from the hard times.  It can also be rejuvenating to set our hopes and intentions for the future and be curious about the unknown ahead.

Here at MaineShare, we have recently spent time looking back, through the development of our Annual Report and celebrations with our Board and Member Organizations.  We are also looking forward to good times ahead, as our Annual Appeal has been sent out, and we are finalizing details of exciting changes ahead.  We look forward to sharing more with you all in 2022!

Continue to be kind to yourself during this time of year, and read on to reflect with our member organizations.