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As we say goodbye to another Maine summer and look ahead to a fall and winter full of uncertainty, what is giving you hope?

I know that I am hopeful for sound practices, policies, affordable care, and medical breakthroughs that keep COVID-19 at bay and provide for those of us most impacted by the pandemic. If not, the long Maine winter will be an incredible challenge for both the isolated and those who cannot isolate.

I am also hopeful for an election season where honest policy debates and a free and fair election outshine the dark forces of misinformation and voter suppression.

Why am I hopeful? I’ve had the privilege and honor to dig deeply into all that is MaineShare, where the collective power of our amazing Member Groups and the workplaces and employees that support them are making real positive change. Our Member Groups are engaging long-time advocates as well as young people, New Mainers, and native Mainers to advance justice – from animal rights and the health of the planet, to women’s & immigrants’ rights, to economic opportunity, to the promotion & protection of our democracy.

Read our August Newsletter for hope-inspiring examples from our Member Groups.


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