Giving At Work

Next Steps – How it Works


Including a MaineShare campaign at your workplace is easy.  Here’s how it works.

1. Establish and maintain a MaineShare Appeal

– Complete our  Enrollment Form.

– Appoint an internal workplace giving campaign team ( from Marketing,
HR, and/or Payroll).

– Arrange a brief meeting with MaineShare.

2. Run your Workplace Giving Campaign

Ramping Up

Review our Campaign Resources Page and download any and all campaign materials you need!  PDF versions of pledge forms, posters, presentation, and one-sheet listing of all 44 MaineShare Organizations are available here.

Print and distribute these materials as you see fit or contact !

Schedule the beginning and end-date of your campaign

Send out an organization-wide email to invite employees to participate


Schedule and host a MaineShare representative each year at your giving campaign kickoff event.  Sometimes these are concurrent to an existing staff meeting or annual benefits fair, and sometimes they are independently scheduled.

Though not required, a personal appeal gives employees a better understanding of their charitable options –- and it gives employees a chance to ask questions. A MaineShare volunteer or staff person will be assigned to your workplace to ensure that you have the supplies and assistance you need.

Host MaineShare materials and information on your employee intranet workplace giving pages if available (MaineShare is happy to work with you to provide you with our materials or  create a campaign page specific to your business.)

Distribute MaineShare’s paper pledge form and brochure simultaneously with other appeals, and/or host the online MaineShare materials on your employee web site. We know that offering employees choices in giving increases overall giving.

Most employers run their campaign between Labor Day and Thanksgiving and we welcome the opportunity to be at your site for your event!

End of Campaign Process

All campaigns are different, but generally, at the close of your campaign period:

Pledge Data/Information

  • All employee pledge forms and employee contact information (as requested by employee donor) are generally collected and shared between your organization’s HR/Payroll departments and MaineShare via file upload, email, or direct mail.

  • The best approach is to assign a single HR or Payroll person to work with MaineShare to arrange this exchanges.  We work to make this step as easy as possible for your team and we regularly welcome and collaborate with other charitable appeal organizations during this proces

Employee Pledge Distribution

You know your process better than we do!  Payroll processing and transmission varies from workplace to workplace but general practice is that once payroll deductions begin (during the first payroll of the year), transmission of contributions to MaineShare can be made at your convenience  – on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. MaineShare accepts payment by direct mail, credit card, and/or EFT.

We log and track all employee contributions and designations based on their initial pledge, and distributes funds to our member groups based on donor choice. We do not re-allocate funds based on internal decision making and we honor our donors every step of the way!

That’s it!