Giving At Work

Workplace Campaign Resources


Thank you for including MaineShare in your annual workplace giving appeal.  You have the unique opportunity to design a successful and fun workplace giving campaign that fits your company’s culture. Here is a simple checklist to guide your workplace giving campaign from year to year.

Before the Campaign

Look for MaineShare’s annual Confirmation Questionnaire in your email.  This helps us to keep pace with any changes in your staff, employee number, and materials needs in advance of your campaign.  If you have not already completed this year’s confirmation, please visit this link to do so now!

[2019 Campaign Confirmation Survey]

Campaign Materials

Feel free to link to the following MaineShare materials from your online employee portal, or print posters, organization listing and pledge forms as you need them. It might be easier to forward a link to this page to your communications or web team so that they can update your workplace giving pages with our most recent materials and information.

-MaineShare Logo

Please contact us at if your communication team needs original artwork.)

-MaineShare’s 2019 Workplace Giving Appeal Page

-2019 MaineShare Organization List and PledgeForm

Contains a list and short description of all organizations supported by workplace donors through MaineShare.

-2019 MaineShare Nonprofit Listing

(Download this word document to create your own online list of giving options).

-2019 MaineShare Workplace Presentation

-MaineShare Workplace Appeal Posters

Download, print and distribute this poster to your divisions, or contact us at to request posters for distribution.

Online Pledge Forms

MaineShare is now offering customized online pledge forms which includes the ability to share pledge information as files with your HR and/or payroll representatives.  Take a look at a sample pledge form here. (This submission process does not currently include an option for employee signature but does carry a timestamp and can include request for employee number and division for HR/Payroll use.) Contact MaineShare at for more information.

Social Media Links

Incorporate our social media links into your campaign communications.  MaineShare can be followed;

Please feel free to call MaineShare at 207-622-0105 or email with any questions. We are always happy to help!

Campaign Kick Off

Incorporate a presentation about the campaign into one of your regular staff meetings or invite staff to a special informational meeting. Contact MaineShare to schedule a presentation or to host a table hosted by either a representative of MaineShare and/or one of its member groups.

– The presentation can be very brief if needed, from 5-10 minutes.

– Hearing from one of our nonprofits is a great way to learn first-hand about the important work that MaineShare member groups are doing in Maine.

– With a speaker, you’re also allowing your coworkers to hear how workplace donations make a real difference to nonprofits. It can also be very effective to have one of your own employees speak about a nonprofit they support.

– Personally hand out pledge forms to your coworkers. This increases the likelihood that they will participate in the campaign.

During Your Campaign

-Send an email message promoting the campaign. We have sample emails and letters for you to use.

– Display MaineShare posters in prominent areas.

– Announce the campaign in your company newsletter or send an e-news letter to staff. We will be happy to send one for you to use. Contact our office to have one emailed to you.

– Plan a special event to raise money for the campaign. Your event may be as simple as selling bagels or holding a raffle. Special events help raise the visibility of the campaign and may get more employees engaged.

After Your Campaign

Please complete the MaineShare 2019 Campaign Completion Survey.  This includes a secure location to share your documents (employee rosters, etc,).

Send thank-you notes to any campaign committee volunteers. (MaineShare will send thank-you notes to donors, but a thank-you from the campaign coordinator is also a nice touch!)

Return or submit copies of all completed pledge forms and checks to MaineShare.  There are five ways to do this:

– Upload a PDF as part of your online report, above.

– Send a .pdf scan of the pledge forms to

– Email to request a digital location to upload to.

– Mail your materials to MaineShare, PO Box 2095, Augusta, Maine 04338.

– If your materials contain large amounts of cash or checks and you would prefer not to mail it, please email or call 622-0105 to arrange for pick-up.