Maine Federation of Humane Societies

We are a cohesive statewide network of humane organizations working to support animal welfare groups promote the adoption of homeless animals and responsible pet ownership, and to end pet overpopulation and animal cruelty through education, outreach, and advocacy.

How does MaineShare benefit you?: MaineShare helps with statewide name recognition and presence through the workplaces that participate in workplace giving campaigns....

Maine Farmland Trust

Maine Farmland Trust is a member-powered statewide organization that protects farmland, supports farmers, and advances the future of farming.

Recent achievement: Helping to secure the passing of LD1995/LD 2013, which provides $60 million in support of farmers impacted by PFAS contaminations.

Maine Equal Justice

Maine Equal Justice is a nonprofit legal aid and economic justice organization working to provide economic security, opportunity, and equity for people in Maine.

Recent achievement: Winning a full dental care benefit for customers of MaineCare.

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