Investing in Maine’s Future

In 2020, MaineShare’s 30th year of giving, we continue our work in support of social justice, environmental protection, economic opportunity, health, safety, education, and cultural diversity – and MaineShare’s Member Groups are at the forefront. We are proud that our funding of their work helps them do more for all of us in Maine.

By the end of this year, our total funding will reach an impressive milestone: $6 million raised and distributed since 1990 when we sent the first checks to the nine founding groups. Today, over 40 member organizations count on these checks each year. However, it is important that we not only continue to provide a steady flow of funds to these organizations, but that we significantly increase our support.

As a community, we are committed to a vibrant, healthy, safe and fair future for all of Maine – and we know you are too. It will take a collective effort to make the change that’s needed now, and into the future.

Capacity Building

In 2020, MaineShare is working to grow our impact by engaging existing workplace employees, reach a younger audience,  and grow our community of workplace partners.

As we continue to set a steady course for this growth, we are working together as a collaborative fundraising community for the future in Maine we all want to see.

Our Trusted Partners in Maine

MaineShare currently partners with over 100 Workplaces throughout Maine. Our federal, state and local government partners and employees offer critical support for our member nonprofits and their long-standing inclusion of MaineShare in their annual campaigns proves their commitment to sustainable giving. Our public and private higher education and k-12 school districts represent educators and education employees throughout the state who are grateful for the choice to give directly to the causes they care about.

We value our continued partnership on all levels with both small and large businesses and community organizations. Many of our partners have worked with us for over 10 or 20 years. In each case, MaineShare is an integral part of employee engagement and annual giving campaigns and employee giving is invaluable to MaineShare’s nonprofit members who in turn have impact on the communities who support them.  

MaineShare offers organizations with expanded choices for giving and  increased opportunities for employees to connect with social, economic, and environmental issues they care about in Maine.

In partnering with MaineShare, our workplace partners are fulfilling their civic engagement and social responsibility goals each year.

We welcome additional partners and look forward to helping you and
your employees feel part of making change happen for a better Maine.

Looking Toward the Future

Building our capacity as we move into our next 30 years of giving provides our Member Groups with significantly more support. With your help we can increase total giving each year by 5-10%, as we focus on building our capacity to ensure this steady growth.

Connecting with New Donors

MaineShare donors appreciate the simple and affordable giving options that MaineShare provides. Our smaller Member Groups appreciate the unrestricted funds that contribute so that they can concentrate on their mission’s work instead of the work of fundraising.

As we move through 2020 and into the next decade, we are setting our sites on new potential donors across the full spectrum of age and giving capacity.  We will continue to steward the passion and generosity of donors making MaineShare’s funding for change possible by expanding ways people can give.

You are Making a Difference 

Since we began in 1989, we have always believed in a better Maine – where people truly want to give what they can to make a difference. MaineShare founders would be proud to know that we continue to keep up with the pace of giving in Maine as we advocate for and support the progressive social and environmental causes critical to the future health and well-being for all in this wonderful state!

Thank you for all you do!