MaineShare’s mission is to provide significant support to organizations doing progressive social justice and root cause work in Maine and to raise public awareness of their work.

Give to Causes You Care About

MaineShare gives you an easy way to donate to over 40 statewide organizations working every- day to make Maine a better place to live. Through your payroll giving contribution, you help these organizations achieve good health, environmental protection, safe communities, economic opportunity, human rights, animal welfare, peace, and much more for the state of Maine. Member groups work on prevention. They work to provide solutions to environmental and human problems facing Maine.

Your year-round giving at work provides these groups with a steady flow of dollars to keep important programs going.


As an organization, MaineShare values integrity/ethics/fairness/truth, compassion, justice, inclusiveness, commitment, community, stewardship, respect, diversity, and fostering tolerance. These values correspond to how we do our work everyday, and how our members do their work.

85% of all donations to MaineShare go to the member groups selected by the donor. MaineShare retains 15% to cover a portion of our administrative costs, including processing and fundraising fees. We aim to keep our overhead low.

MaineShare respects the donor. All decisions about how to designate funds are made by the donor.