About MaineShare



The MaineShare Story

matt early yearsDiscussions of creating a “social action fund” in Maine were initiated in 1985 by several non-profit groups around the state and continued for several years. In late 1988, five groups formally agreed to establish MaineShare. Institute for Nonviolence, Education, Research and Training (INVERT), one of the founding groups provided initial funding to hire the first part-time staff person to coordinate this effort.

Officially incorporated in January 1989, and by-laws, membership criteria, and an allocation process finalized, the member-led process for recruiting additional organizations began. By March, nine nonprofits signed on as members. The first Board, comprised of member group representatives, received support and technical assistance from the National Committee for Responsible Philanthropy, and Community Works, a Boston fund, also provided training and consultation, and MaineShare became a member of Community Shares USA.

In 2006 MaineShare restructured its governance model and now has a community board of up to 15 members. The governing Board guides MaineShare’s work and ensures is sustainability.

Our original founding members

Center for Vision and Policy
Maine Association for Handicapped Persons
Maine Displaced Homemakers Program (now New Ventures Maine)*
Maine Foreign Affairs Education Fund
Maine Peace Fund*
Maine People’s Resource Center*
Maine Veterans for Peace*
We Who Care Charitable Federation

*Still members today.